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garden update, like I talk about anything else these days

2006-05-04 - 3:25 p.m.

I rather think it is time for a garden update. Almost everything is in now. In addition to the regular (and delicious) Genovese basil, I also picked up some Thai basil (Siam Queen). R, being the delightful neighbor he can be, has mown the tiny tiny lawn of our Thai neighbor V. a couple times. Last night V. came over and offered to teach R how to cook Thai food in return. Not being stupid, R readily agreed and hopefully will soon be cooking me up delectable grub. In other edible plant news, I picked up a simple Lady Bell pepper and a habanero pepper, which I planted in a containter with a cherry tomato plant. I also grabbed a couple of strawberry plants. We'll see about the strawberry plants--for some reason I don't have any faith that they will produce, but I quite look forward to being proved wrong on that matter. In more ornamental news, I put in eight tiny impatiens, trusting that they will soon grow and take over my freaking garden. They are planted around the my hostas. My morning glory and my sweet pea seeds are all sown, and eventually I'll need to grab some netting so they don't take over the fence.

In less happy news, the creeping phlox around the side of the house aren't doing so well. I'm not sure they're getting enough water. I really ripped up the plants when I put them in, and I'm hoping desperately that I didn't overly damage the roots. Also, my snapdragons are lackluster. The white one looks okay, but hasn't grown as much as I'd expected. The pink one is in a state of perma-wilt. I think the roots are rotted. I moved it to another corner, but I think I'm just marking time until it dies.

The patio put-in got rained out, but plans are on to get that bad boy done. R marked off the outline the other night and started digging, just to see. We're going to have to dig down six inches, so it's going to be quite a job. But I am so looking forward to having a nice patio--not least of all so I have a place to keep some of my pots! We'll get a nice patio set in the fall, when they go on sale, and have wonderful cool fall dinners outside. How perfect!


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