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2006-06-27 - 1:44 p.m.

I never update anymore, because the pressure of posting interesting content for my few reliable readers is overwhelming. Overwhelming, I tell you!
So ... nuggets.

1. I saw a truck yesterday with "Hitt Contracting" written on its side. I'm pretty sure it had to do with construction, but I think I'd change the name of my company. Although it certainly does stay with you, so perhaps it is good marketing. But I'd still prefer a name that doesn't scream "MURDER FOR HIRE!!!!"

2. The patio is still not fucking finished. We finally got the last of the bricks on Thursday, but haven't made any headway in actually laying said bricks due to the torrential downpours we've been having since Thursday night. Someday, in the far, far, far distant future, I will have a completely finished patio, and great will be my rejoicing on that day. Until then, I've been dragging out the beach chair and reading L.M. Montgomery on my half-patio while sipping iced tea. How decadent!

3. We've been having torrential downpours, and I assure you, this is no exaggeration for comedic/dramatic effect. We're talking 5 inches of rain a 24-hour period, on top of already-saturated ground. Streets were flooding. We had a mudslide on 495. For those of you not in the know, that's the beltway which is the main artery of our nation's capitol. Metro had to close down stations due to flooding. Commutes that normally take an hour were taking people two and a half or three hours. It was a scene mass hysteria

4. Torrential downpours shall continue through tonight, no doubt making this evening's commute a thing of extended joy. Fortunately, I have an (almost) fully charged iPod. I'm anticipating a commute time 150% longer than normal if we get the kind of storms we're supposed to get. Plus now everyone is jawing about how the ground is so saturated that trees are going to come loose at the slightest breath of wind.

5. In a break of my rules about office blogging, a dearly beloved colleague is retiring this week. And while I'm wicked happy for her, I'm very bummed for myself and am just dreading not seeing her every week.

That is all the nuggets I can think of for the moment.


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