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contact lense horror

2006-08-24 - 3:07 p.m.

Wow, this site has become so blase and boring. I am mildly contemplating scooting on over to another site, as though that will inject some sort of crazed lifeblood into my writing.

Household M___ is gearing up for guests! We have a dear friend coming in for a long Labor Day weekend, which shall be most amusing. He has requested that we bring him to The Monuments, which we shall. But then we plan on taking him forcibly to Leesburg, which is just about the most perfect place on earth for me these days. R and I have become Leesburg junkies, and are starting to regulate our visits so that we don't give into the urge to hop on over every weekend. Last weekend we took the ferry crossing back into Virginia (we'd been visiting friends in Maryland) and oh ho ho, just happened to stop in Leesburg for dinner! What a coincidence!

Well, I was going to continue this with a glowing description of how fabulous Leesburg is and how wonderful and kind all the people are and how I constantly fantasize about living there, but unfortunately, my contact lens just tore. Ouch! So now I am sitting at my desk with no visual aids whatsoever, which has the effect of making all the letters pretty and fuzzy. As in, the “z” looks kind of like an “e” to me right now. So I think I shall wrap this up and try to head home early—it is only a matter of time until the ferocious headache sets in, and I still need to get some stuff done before that.


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