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Pumpkin Madness

2006-09-26 - 2:12 p.m.

Sometimes I find myself starting to enjoy my spam. Today, for instance, a message came across with what sounded like the start of a fairly cute little story, about how it was the wizard's turn to begin, but he had lost his hat, and no one had one to loan him, because the Mangazoos don't wear hats, and Joe had lost his somehow. I wanted more. Who are these Mangazoos, and why do they eschew hats? Who is Joe, and why is a nonMangazoo infiltrating their bare-headed village? What was the wizard going to do? Was his need for a hat simply a sartorial desire, or did it fulfill some deep mystical requirement? Honestly, spammers, put a little more thought into your craft!

We are looking fall dead in the eyes, and I have gone pumpkin mad. There is a cartoon of pumpkin ice cream in my freezer, I've been drinking pumpkin ale, I wash my body with pumpkin soap and moisturize with pumpkin lotion, I've just finished a pumpkin muffin, and I am once again frequenting Starbucks that I may purchase and absorb copious quantities of their pumpkin spice latte. I know, I know. My soul is being sold off cup by cup to the dark side, but the latte is pumpkintastic! All spicy and heady and smelling just like a fall day! How can I resist? Perhaps I shall start making pumpkin soup and bringing it with me to work. That way I shall be armed with pumpkin goodness and shall strengthen my soul and gird my loins against the lure of Starbucks. Although really, what the hell do my loins have to do with this and why should I gird them? Also, once typed out this many times, "pumpkin" is a really funny word. It only becomes more adorable the more you are around it. You can call me your little pumpkin any day, and that is an open invitation, my friends! Amazingly, I remain (mostly) sans bitterness that the fucking gardeners savaged my beautiful beautiful pumpkin plant with the one wee green pumpkin. This happened last month, and I have only brought it up about four times.

I will be having my birthday on Monday, which is cool, but it is also Yom Kippur, which is less cool. No delicious birthday treats for me. I'll have just enough time to break my fast with something very quick before heading off to choir, so I anticipate celebrating the day of birth one day early, hopefully with a repeat of last year's birthday, in which we went to Leesburg on the motorcycle and ate a delicious lunch before frequenting lovely little shops.

What am I going to do with all that junk, all that junk inside my trunk? Perhaps hold a yard sale and donate the profits to charity.


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