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2002-03-25 - 9:43 a.m.

Well, the weekend is officially over, and its a lovely Monday morning.

N. the friend did not call at all during the weekend, leaving me to wonder why she told me she was coming to DC at all. Perhaps she is still in town and planning to call later? However, the Verdi Requiem is being rehearsed tonight, and Wealhtheow must not miss it! Plus I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely choir friends and the wonderful lovely older cousins.

I watched the Oscars last night, and am overcome with self-loathing that I did so. My only excuse is that I couldn't get to sleep and hoped to be bored. Overall, I must say I'm pleased with the results, though I think it is bull of the highest degree that "A Beautiful Mind" won for best adapted screenplay. I thought it was a wonderful movie, but it bore very little relation to Nash's actual life. I would think that best adapted screenplay should not be which screen play is the most well written, but rather that which most faithfully reflects the book on which it is based. I watched the Harry Awards on the History Channel the other night, and they bashed "Beautiful Mind" resoundingly for this. They also bashed "Pearl Harbor" for the cheesy love story, but gave rave reviews to "Black Hawk Down," which I would quite like to see. Evidently it is very much fact-based. Much like "Gallipoli," which I also watched over the weekend. Mel Gibson is devastatingly handsome in this movie, along with all the other young Australian lads, but they all die as they go over the trenches into no-man's-land. Very tragic, and rather infuriating to be honest. I know all war is hell, but WWI seems worse than others. They used 20th century weapons with 19th century tactics, and as one of the History Channel folks said, "it was nothing but organized murder on both sides." I was depressed the whole day on Sunday after watching that movie


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