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invisible me?

2002-04-12 - 6:16 p.m.

Listening to "All Things Considered" and feeling considerably like an intellectual. But the fact that I actually wrote and posted that comment (or will post it) proves that I am not one. Oh well.

This has been a strange week. Haven't exercised--have missed my Pilates class two weeks in a row. It makes me feel really bad, so next week I shall be extremely good and go twice.

I've felt strangely invisible lately. I write to people and they don't write back. People walk into me on the street. A taxi tried to run me down today. Do I exist?

The VT seems to think I do. She praised the work I've done on posture and breathing, and even rewarded me with a new song! So now I have two new songs to learn, as well as the fugue movements in the Verdi.

There is a scandal in Germany about whether or not Chancellor Schroeder dyes his hair. It is exciting to me that a man is the center of an appearance scandal. They say that "the chancellor that touches up his hair is likely to touch up his economic reports."


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