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wedding blackbirds

2002-07-30 - 9:30 a.m.

MUSIC: Evangeline Made, the new Cajun tribute CD--favorite tracks: Vagabond Special; Diggy Liggy Lo; Pa Janvier, Laisse Moi M'en Aller; Les Flammes d'Enfer; O Ma Chere 'Tite Fille; Tout un Beau Soir en me Promenant.

WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING!! I believe this will be my last entry until the big day, which is coming up real soon now! I leave for CA on Thursday 8/1. I'm all packed (except toiletries, obviously). I'm getting pretty excited--hope I still fit into that dress!

Things are wrapping up at work. Except the printer is slowly driving me mad--there is not a single day that I haven't had a problem with it. Please don't tell me I should get it fixed. I know that. Everyone knows that except the people that say they're going to fix it.

A word about the music--this is a kickass CD--you should defintely get it! I love Cajun music. I've gone to three Beausoleil concerts and hope to go to many many more! I would love for them to come to Wolf Trap again.

I'm getting excited about choir starting up again. Which it will shortly after I get back from the honeymoon. Carmina Burana, Lux Aeterna, Faure's Requiem--does life get any better? I can't wait to really start singing again. I'm doing some pretty hard hiatus-ing right now, although hopefully I can sing some rounds in Arcata with my girls.

If you are reading this, please sign my guest book so I can get rid of that pathetic first entry and it will look like I actually have some friends.

I leave you, as usual, with the latest installment of the good Mr. Stevens.

"O thin men of Haddam,

Why do you imagine golden birds?

Do you not see how the blackbird

Walks around the feet

Of the women about you?"


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