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2002-09-30 - 10:35 a.m.

I wrote a big long entry on Friday, but lost it when I excitedly clicked on the link to my friend M's new house (which is gorgeous). Everyone I know is a homeowner these days, and I'm feeling the pressure. Plus I WANT to own my own home--I would wallpaper the bathroom and put up little cunning shelves!

I'm wearing a new sweater, and I just looked down, and there was a sticker on me! It said "S" for "small," but we shall pretend "S" stands for "super kick-ass girl."

I feel as though I thought many deep long thoughts over the weekend, but now my brain is empty. The entry I tried to write earlier was filled with inrospective thoughts about the nature of online journals and voyeurism and exhibitionism. Suffice to say, it's Monday morning and I don't feel like getting into it.

My birthday is in two days. I'm excited. I told Lt. S last night that I'd be turning 24. He laughed at me. Laugh laugh laugh har har. I'm the youngest person in my DC social circle by at least a year. HAR HAR HAR let's all laugh at young little Wealhtheow. Well, DAMN YOUR EYES!! I'm the queen of the danes, even though I am too young to rent a car at decent rates. I'LL HAVE MY MINIONS RENT A CAR!! Actually, this won't work too well--my only minion is the cat. Officially NOT addicted to catnip. But interestingly enough, the cat is crazy addicted to two things; her feather toy and the wire antenna on my clock radio. I shall hold this out as a reward.

On the subject of the cat--if you are planning on sending me packages for the cat (as I seriously doubt you are) PLEASE DON'T SEND ME MORE POUNCE!! We now have 4 canisters of POUNCE. Fortunately the stuff is half chemical preservative and will last until next winter. As was previously mentioned, my birthday is in 2 days and we've received 2 packages in the last couple weeks--BOTH FOR THE CAT!! I am eclipsed. Much like Hecuba and Po-Yi, I too have fallen to the bottom of Fortune's Wheel.


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