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2003-09-12 - 12:21 p.m.

Heading off to an early rehearsal tomorrow, so the husband and I have shifted our movie plans over to tomorrow night. But come tomorrow, expect me to be seated in the theater watching "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." Yes indeedy. I'm all fired up about it. Plus I've heard it's good, which surprises me. I loved "Desperado," but I'd hardly call it a good movie. Entertaining as hell, surely, but there are plot holes so wide I could march a family of elephants through them. It's simply eye candy. But the critics have been prasing OUATIM, so we'll see. As for me, if Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas are on the same screen, I can't help but be a very happy girl.

And to be honest, I'd much rather concentrate on that than on the real world. Things really are going to hell in a large and hideously decorated handbasket. Case in point: Israel. Seriously, are they sitting around in a little room saying "How can we inflame the Intifada further? How we can make sure there'll be even more suicide bombings? I know! Let's publicly announce that we're exiling Arafat, but NOT ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!" Now, I think they should just leave Arafat alone. But if Israel (and by Israel, I mean Sharon and cronies) really felt they had to take action, why announce it? How stupid is that? Now, if Arafat dies suddenly, everyone will be looking at Israel. On the other hand, maybe this is their way of responding to the recent bombings without further violence. I still hold to what I heard on SNL a few years ago--we should just annex the West Bank and use it for storage.

In other news, my music class starts on Sunday and I'm wildly excited about it. We'll be working on ear training and sight singing, which are flip sides of the coin. I've actually been looking for a class like this for a few months, all the while kicking myself that I didn't take music classes in college. It was dumb, because now I'll have to work twice as hard to ever get into grad school for music. Expect a review of the class on Monday.


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