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tangled up in blues

2003-09-30 - 8:11 p.m.

I'm writing this on my brand-spanking-new iMac. The screen is so large it's almost literally unbelievable. I can keep several windows open and still see exactly what I'm doing. And the best part; I can now manage my own music on the iTunes feature. Previously I shared a music library with my husband. We have somewhat different tastes, and my iPod was all crowded with what I like to affectionately call "crap." But now I can sit here and listen to my own music library. For instance, right now I'm listening to some Pet Shop Boys, freshly downloaded from the Apple music store. That is not the best example, because the husband also likes PSB, although not in the bizarre nostalgic 6th grade way that I do.

Okay, enough of the Apple commercial. Even though my husband just ordered MacWorld magazine. We should go on one of those commericals.

I could write more, but I really need to clean the house for N and her mom. Plus I need to kiss my cat, who is busy sulking at not getting 26 hours of affection a day. Poor baby!


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