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is that wedding still on?

2003-12-16 - 12:11 p.m.

Happy Beethoven's Birthday! Yes, on this day in 1770, Beethoven was born and one can claim that music has never been the same since. We're thinking about you today, Ludwig Van.

On another note, I was unduly harsh in a friend's guestbook and am feeling vague pangs of guilt.

I'm very much looking forward to the holiday break, when I plan on sleeping for 13 hours or so straight. Right now I'm so exhausted I can barely think, and it's only Tuesday. I wonder if I'm getting enough iron. Or perhaps I'm just run down from holiday joy. Four singing engagements this week. Yipee. Five if you count the holiday party, which I don't.

I used to love rushing from gig to gig with my high school choir, and the enormous fun we had remains vivid in my memory. What evidently did not remain so vivid was the utter exhaustion that comes from 4 or so concerts a week, plus lessons and rehearsals. I think I'd find it less exhausting if I were actually paid for any of this, but oh well. Chalk it up to experience.

I wish I had something witty and relevant to say, possibly pertaining to the capture of certain dictators, but alas, I do not. That's me, old irrelevant Wealhtheow. HAR-HAR. (That's for you, LFM, motivated by the afore-mentioned faint pangs of guilt. I'm a Bad Bad Person.)

I leave you with this pertinent question I spied at the checkout counter the other day, which contains within it all the paradoxes and grand mysteries of these troubled times: "Ben and Jen: is the wedding still on??"


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