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Sunday Sunday, wish it were Monday---NOT!

2003-12-14 - 4:02 p.m.

Anonymous 4 did not sing a Ceremony of Carols--so much for truth in advertising. Kennedy Center bastards. But the program was wonderful--and I was first in line to get my CD signed! Yipee! The ladies are so nice and down to earth--it was such a pleasure to get to talk with them for a few minutes. When we sing with them in June I hope to talk to them about some of the scholarship on their latest album "American Angels." There's a completely awesome and funky version of Amazing Grace, which I believe predates the version we all know. If I ever got a doctorate in musicology, I think I'd want to do it in folk music. As much as I love classical music and feel that that's my place as a performer, something in folk music really calls to me. Perhpas Kodaly is right--we need to know our own musical heritage before we cna go on to understand other forms of music. Plus the history of folk music in this country is so rich. I especially love finding pagan references in folk music--it's always so much fun!

We were supposed to put up our Christmas tree today, but instead we are living in the land of Gigantic Slush Puddles, so the C.T. will wait until Tuesday. No sense tracking cold wet snow and slush into the apartment. I'm a little disappointed, but common sense won out. However, if the tree is not up by Wednesday morning exepect me to cry my eyes out.

I'm learning how to edit video on my Mac. It is very interesting, but my ADD kicks in after about 5 minutes. Still, it makes me feel powerful like a god, so I suppose I shall continue my studies in the ancient art of desktop editing.

We're having my cousins over for Christmas Eve, and I'm getting ready to make homemade egg nog. We have so much goddamn rum that we never drink, so all I need to buy is eggs and sugar syrup. Fresh, sweet creamy nog! Made by me! Oh joy!

Tonight I shall settle down for a long winter's nap--or rather for Alias and hors d'oeuvres.


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