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2004-02-11 - 1:57 p.m.

Oh, glorious day! The Newfie won! Three cheers for Josh the Newf!

It is a day celebrated by lovers of big shaggy black dogs everywhere. I am as happy as a clam at high tide. Big Dog loyalty trumps AKC Group loyalty. Sorry, Mr. Kevin the Stupid Corgi Who Shouldn't Even Be in the Herding Group and Why Don't You Go Back with the Toy Dogs Where You Belong you Stupid Git.

Tonight is possibly yoga if I can get my pad thai-laden body over to the gym. Right now the thought of vigorous stretching makes me want to puke then die. I am Wealhtheow the Inflexible, and I'm not just talking about my deeply resistant attitude towards change and upheaval.

Certain readers of this diary (and you know who you are) may rest assured that I've picked out 5 songs for their wedding and they shall be getting text soon. One I know is a popular wedding song. It talks about a beautiful bride on her wedding day--and how she ran away with another lover. I tried to pick out songs that looked like they were extolling a woman's beauty or talking about lovers, but as I do not read Irish, it's pretty much anyone's guess. They all have that sort of "Irish-y" feel without being too much like either a drinking song or an Enya song.

I think the cat was a bit pissed that I spent the past two nights watching about dogs and cooing to the dogs and blabbering on about how wonderful the dogs are and how much I love the dogs and want several of them, including (but not limited to) Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, otterhound, Irish wolfhound, Bouvier, PBGV, boxer, Chessie, Border collie. I did ask her if she would like a 13 inch beagle, but she just squinted angrily at me. I'll give her plenty of attention tonight when we watch Angel, which is her favorite TV show.

At some point in the future you will get book reviews. But don't hold your breath. London reviews should come by the end of the week, as R keeps insisting I put them up because they're "funny." I don't know if he means funny-ha-ha or funny "look at my wife trying to write amusingly and looking like a dork instead." These are the little mysteries that keep our marriage spicy.


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