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RANT rant rant

2006-01-18 - 11:54 a.m.

I get to do some more cooking tonight, which is always pretty awesome. The office is having another baby shower tomorrow, and I promised to bring in a caramelized onion tart. I'm also thinking about making some biscotti, as I've been inspired by Giada Di Laurentiis lately (hint to any and all husbands--in lieu of going up to the Westminster Dog show, Giada's cookbook would make an acceptable Valentine's gift). If I can get over to the store and get some anise, I'll make some of her chocolate anise biscotti. I made the rest of the food from that particular show on Monday night, using chicken from Costco. The breasts were freakishly large, evidently coming from the Pamela Anderson flock.

I enjoy work parties, and I'm very happy for all the expectant and new parents we have at work. What I'm NOT happy about is people coming up to me and saying "You're next!" To paraphrase a stand-up comic, what if I started doing that at funerals? I know this shouldn't bother me, but the pressure R and I are starting to experience to spawn is really getting under my skin. First of all, how do any of these people (and I do include certain family members) know we're not trying? To you loyal readers, I will share this--we're not. Our first baby (aside from the adopted cat) will be R's dissertation. Which brings me to the real point--can't R and I be trusted to decide when and if we are ready to add to our family? Can't people trust us to let them know of our plans at a time of our choosing? Why should I suddenly be put in a position of explaining why we're not having a baby right now? I'm not even thirty years old! I've lost count of the number of times I've told people "No, we're waiting until my husband gets out of school," and really, that's no one's business but my own. People with kids often like to tell me that there's no perfect time to have a baby, and you're never ready. But damnit! You can sure as hell be a little less unready, and I think R having his doctorate and a full-time job with benefits would go a pretty long effing way to putting us in a position where we could both afford to have a baby and, I don't know, heat the damn house. Anyhow, I've pretty much decided that if someone tells me I'm next at the next shower, I'm just going to allow a stricken look to come over my face and whisper "I'm barren."

Okay, end of rant. Soon I shall be giving you all an update on my list of 101 tasks in 1001 days, which sounds rather Herculean. I've made some good headway on that list. My immediate plans include knitting up a freaking storm to have some good items for my choir's silent auction. I've already completed a child's scarf, and need to head on out to the store for some funky yarn to do another couple scarves--or perhaps even a shawl like the one I made for my grandmother. Okay, back to work.


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