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Mark Warner for President

2006-07-06 - 10:19 a.m.

I think a genius presidential ticket would be Mark Warner with Barack Obama as a running mate. For those of you outside Virginia, Warner is our former governor. He was one of the most popular governors in the history of the state. He not only won as a Democrat in a red state, but he played no small part in helping to elect Tim Kaine (another Dem) as his successor. This man has what it takes to win a national election. He's conservative enough to appeal to Republican swing voters, but he holds fast to Democratic ideals. You can check him out here and here. Right now, I think this is one of the few people who can turn this country around--and I'm including Hillary. As much as I love the idea of Hillary, she's unelectable, and I think things in this country have gotten too drastic to hold to a candidate we all know can't win.

The other side of the ticket is Obama. I think Obama is one of the brightest stars in the Democratic party today. He's young, handsome, smart, and incredibly charismatic. But he needs to get out of the Senate in the next four years if he wants to advance to the White House. Democratic senators do not get elected. Besides, it is the 21st century, and it is about damn time we have a minority face on the national ticket. I'm sure the fact that he's black will drive some voters away, but simple demographics show that the face of this country is changing, and I think adding Obama to the ticket would pick up more than enough votes to compensate for the racist fucks (who would probably vote Republican anyway).

So that's my thought as we start gearing up for campaign season. Warner Obama '08!!


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