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here come the lights

2002-05-16 - 9:54 a.m.


Yipperee! I now have blessed light in my office. It is much more fun than working by computer light.

Today very little actual work will get done. There's a baby shower from 12-1, and after that I get to go on a field trip! That's right, a field trip! I'm on the picnic committee at work and we're checking out picnic sites. It will be so exciting. I did this last year as well, but instead of checking out picnic sites we checked out restaurants for catering purposes. I got to eat lunch out for three days, and got paid for it!

Rehearsal last night did include the soloists. It was a little unnerving, as I could not hear the altos at ALL because the orchestra was so loud. But it sounds great. I'm rather deeply in love with our bass soloist, Francois Loup. He's a major sweetie! Plus he sang at the Met.

Time to go do worky-work!


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