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blackbird 3

2002-07-08 - 12:01 p.m.

I did not make chocolate chip cookies for 30. Instead I bought patriotic red white and blue Chips Ahoy! cookies. Yay me. The party was a lot of fun, though. I got to talk with hard-core Dems. They were in love with Hillary Clinton! Plus I got to eat burgers cooked over an open flame! I really wanted a hot-dog too, but didn't eat one. Oh well.

I DID go to the folklife festival though. It was incredible! I am now sunburned, but what the hell. I saw the bouncing acrobatics of Beijing opera. It was neat-o! I also saw the Azerbaijaini ladies singing and trying to dance, as well as the Sufi singers and the martial arts of India. Come on, does it get cooler?

Yesterday I hung out with M all day--it was great fun!

R is gone to LA, and I miss him a little, but I have been able to clean the house up so am very happy! I still need to scrub the floors, but I shall do that probably tomorrow night. Tonight I have another dress fitting, and then I must return a movie and get some food in the house, as we have NONE! Except Omaha Steak burgers. Yummy! Speaking of which I am so hungry I believe I shall go get lunch!

Thought for the day:

"The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.

It was a small part of the pantomine."

--you know who, you know what


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