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2002-09-23 - 3:57 p.m.

Am thinking about running friskily over to FedEx, as I have to send the pages out today. It would be a nice change of pace. Should I stay out and get some coffee? Or in a mad preoccupation with fiscal responsibility, conservatively save the $2.50 my caramel latte would cost? Choices, choices.

I've been updating less frequently because life seems alternately boring or terrifying, depending on whether or not I watch the news. However, last night I watched the news and received a huge shock--I HAVE BECOME A FOOTBALL FAN!! Yes, the 'Niners kicked the Redskins' ass (and please note that I use Redskins as a team name, not a ethnic slur) and I REJOICED, and then mourned that I had not watched the game and therefore had missed the awesome 38-yard touchdown!

Those of you who know me realize how strange this is. My father and brother would be shocked, as I was always most vociferous when they insisted on watching the game. Now, I wouldn't watch every game as they did, but I might make a concerted effort from now on to watch the Forty-Niners. R. does not like football.

In other news, plans to addict Mizinha to catnip aren't working out that well. She enjoys it, but doesn't appear likely to become a dope fiend anytime soon. She can stop anytime she wants to, man. Perhaps I shall try valerian next.

We now have tickets to go see John Villars and Rosalind Elias in Vanessa at the end of October. Oh, yeah, and KIRI TE KANAWA!!!!!! I am in heaven. R. got us tickets for my birthday, and I can't wait! I am doing muchos research over the internet so I shall be well-versed in the opera and its structure by the time we go. I've never seen an opera at the Kennedy Center before, because it is very expensive. I think I'll try to get standing room tickets for some of the other operas--Idomeneo, Aida--but for Don Giovanni, I might have to spring for real seats.


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