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post-thanksgiving madness

2002-12-02 - 4:22 p.m.

I think my cat has multiple personalities. At night she is a sweet loving little beast. She cuddles with us up on the bed, licks our faces and curls up close to us, purring all the while. Come daylight, she disappears under the bed, not to be seen again till the sun sets. Perhaps she is a vampire cat and cannot bear sunlight? It shall remain a mystery.

Thanksgiving was good. We ate BOTH turkey and filet mignon, so everyone was indeed happy. All the relatives were pleasant, except the paternal grandmother, who got pissy when I tried to take home a still life painting from Israel. She didn't want me to have it because she still holds a grudge against me for getting the piano. Lest you think I am a greedy and selfish person, my pappy was positively begging us to take stuff home with us. They've moved into a slightly smaller place, and I think Pappy wants to know we're enjoying it while he's still alive. So I brought home some beautiful cordial glasses, a tiny Wedgwood dish and the afforementioned still life. From Israel, no less. When I go back in January I might snake some more Wedgwood, but my mom has laid claim to a few pieces. I might also take a couple things to send to my brother and his wife, as everyone else is getting a crack at the stuff.

Quite frankly, it did feel a bit ghoulish to be picking over my grandparents' belongings as they were sitting right there watching. But it was also nice--the major reason why I wanted to take stuff home was because it WAS my grandparents'--now I have nice memories of receiving it and it isn't associated with grief. I also took home a canister that belonged to my Bubbe (Pappy's mother). I have one, my grandfather still has one, my aunt has one and my cousin has one--so each branch of the family has part of the set. Without being all "circle of life-y" I think that's pretty damn cool.

The cat is almost better (speaking of coming full circle). Her eye is in good shape, but she still has about another 15 days of antibiotics and needs ointment smeared on her little cat-face.

I've been hideously sick and have not been able to practice all weekend long. But I've been pounding my new song out on the piano--it's a gorgeous little Arne air.

OK, things are getting wrapped up at work and I'm getting picked up soon.

Happy Chanukah, boys and girls.


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