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sick gal

2003-07-17 - 10:56 a.m.

Wound up not going kayaking on Monday. I got home too late, and then once I sat down I couldn't get up again. It turns out I was coming down with a cold--I had to leave work at 12:30 yesterday because I just felt bad. Not in any definable way, but just this inner knowledge that I really needed to be at home in bed before the world started spinning (as it's doing right now, interestingly enough). I'm hopped up on generic dayquil, which either is completely ineffectual or I'm really a lot worse off than I think I am. Yesterday I even took the dramatic step of canceling my voice lesson, which I've only done once before.

The Kitty continues to be sweet. She has fallen in love with R and proceeded to follow him around this morning, miawing at him. "Stop! Look at Me! Love ME! NOW!" Last night she crawled into my lap for about ten minutes, purring happily at me.

It's unfair, but I can't help comparing her to Mizinha. She's a lot more affectionate than Mizzy, but I do miss the latter's spunk. Thistle has no spunk, just love and a whole lot of that. I feel awful saying this, because I did love Mizinha and she was a fabulous cat, but I think Thistle might turn out to be a better fit for me.

Getting together with a friend tonight. Part of me wishes I could back out, because all I want to do is lie in bed and sleep. But I haven't seen this gal since January, so I really shouldn't cancel unless I feel literally incapable of social interaction. And it will be nice to see her, I'm sure.


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