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I see you quiver with antici........pation.

2003-12-04 - 4:18 p.m.

First snow is scheduled to fall tonight. I'm going to do my level best to drag the husband out for our traditional "first-snow walk." I love snow. I love seasons. When we eventually leave the East Coast, leaving behind seasons will be what breaks my heart. I especially love days like this, sitting on the fence between autumn and winter. I mourn for my beautiful scarlet autumn, my favorite season. The air tastes like apples and everywhere you look, the trees are aflame and the Potomac runs golden. But just as I mourn autumn's passing, I start to tingle in anticipation of winter. More specifically, of snow. California-born, I just can't get over the stark silent beauty of a snow-covered world. As a girl, my parents would tell me stories of waking up to the first snowfall and how silent everything was. My mom said she could tell there was snow before she looked out the window. Living in DC, it's harder to experience that silence. But when I go out for my snow-walks, I can hear it. beneath the surface sounds of the city, there's a quiet like white noise. Like a great giant voice, a manitou, whispering "Slower. Silence. Softer. Slumber. Snow."

When it snows all I want to do is sit and watch, preferably with cat in lap. Watching snow is almost like meditation for me, a reminder not to take my world for granted, not to take the miracle of winter and seasons at face value.

Here's to a long and snowy winter.


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