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All Creatures Great and Small

2004-12-08 - 4:06 p.m.

The menorah was lit with all due diligence, and Adam Sandler received his yearly props/snaps/what-have-you from me as I dutifully listened to both versions of the Hanukkah Song. No alcohol was consumed, although we did finally get the mail, and lo and behold, my mother/grandmother's fudge and fruitcake was waiting. When I called my mother to thank her (at 11:30 at night) she was shocked and scandalized that I was still awake. All I could say was "Yeah, I know." Mothers--guilt-tripping since humans first had language.

I am thinking about saving the fruit-cake for book club, as there are few aromas more wonderful and enticing than the heady scent of rum rising from a freshly unwrapped cake. My grandmother makes the world's most awesome and wonderful fruitcake, and I sneer at all those who would denounce it. Sneer, I tell you!!

This weekend we are getting more episodes of All Creatures Great and Small from Netflix, and I forsee a lovely afternoon by the fire while watching all that DVD goodness. Oh Tristan Farnon, you rake! If you, my loyal readers, have not seen this show, I highly reccomend you do so. It is perhaps the most wonderful show ever to grace television. It is quite literally fit for every member of the family. The humor is gentle, yet never dumbed down. The show is consistently heart-warming, yet does not shy away from the tragedies a country vet is likely to encounter. It is genuine in every aspect, and one of the few television shows which leave me feeling like a better person for having watched. The books (by James Heriot) are even more wonderful.

Heading off to the Kennedy Center tonight, and praying that the rehearsal won't really last until 10 pm. I am desperately sleepy already, and have no desire to stay up very late singing gutted Christmas carols. If we get out at 9, then perhaps I could even squeeze in a quick trip to the gym.


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