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holiday complexities

2005-11-18 - 12:38 p.m.

I swear to Goddess, I am going to get those bulbs in the ground this weekend! It is now or never time--we have a spate of cold weather, and I need to get those babies in the ground ASAP. I also need to get rid of my impatiens, which I think has finally given up the ghost in the face of freezing temperatures.

The wedding in Calif. was wonderful--I honestly don't think I've ever drunk as much vodka in my life. I know it's unpopular, but I really do love vodka. And if you know how to drink it, it's actually one of the friendliest libations around to with which get, shall we say, tipsy. R downed about 3/4 of a bottle, and may I just say I've never seen him dance so much.

Coming back was a bitch, as the 6-hour plane flight aggravating the sciatica that was just starting to recede. I wrote an entry earlier this week about the pain, then dismissed it as mawkish and self-pitying. Instead, I regale you with half-baked garden promises.

My SIL is coming out for Thanksgiving on Monday, and I need to make my famous (okay, maybe not famous)pumpkin apple bread for her. I told R this meant that come Monday night he could not be halfway through the second loaf. He immediately commenced yowling with despair. Then the cat heard and chimed in, even though she hates pumpkin bread. She only likes the whole uncooked pumpkin, that she may rub against the stem with much love and twining. "Oh pumpkin, you are my best friend! So round, so orange! Dear pumpkin, how I love you!" or something to that effect.

Regardless, we need to come up with a game plan for Thanksgiving. Here's the servings so far: T-bird (obviously); dressing/stuffing (we're not so sure about bacteria and overcooked birds and stuffing, but my mom claims I am being neurotic, and what the hell is wrong with overcooked turkey anyways? Her turkey was overcooked! What am I saying about her turkey? She's been eating stuffing for 55 years and my grandmother has been eating it for 87 years!); cranberry apricot shiznit; little sausages; sweet potatoes (which SIL will be responsible for as it is her recipe); poss. mashed potatoes; green beans with balsamic shallot butter; dinner rolls (storebought, I'm not totally insane); and pumpkin pie. And gravy. The pumpkin pie and balsamic shallot butter will be made a day ahead. We're picking up the turkey from the farm (pre-killed) tomorrow and will start the brine Wednesday night. Now we need to figure out the timing of everything else. The cranberry apricot shiznit can be made earlier in the morning and left to cool, so that's not a problem, but I am wondering about the various potato dishes and the gravy and the timing thereof. I'm also questioning only having 1 pie, even though I know that is clearly enough. CLEARLY!! I shall make my own whipping cream--ooooh, or maybe creme anglaise! L and M, you have had my creme anglaise--will it go well with pumpkin pie? Perhaps I should also make a cinnamon bubble ring for breakfast--and then little snackies for lunch, but ones that don't need much cooking. Roasted red peppers and goat cheese on bruschetta? Or just sandwiches and some crudites? Ah, the holidays!!


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