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short garden update.

2006-04-11 - 3:27 p.m.

In garden news: I finally pulled out the pentultimate ugly shrub, and migrated my sickly little hosta into the center of the bed. I dug up a small clump from my healthy hosta and moved it right next to the tiny one, so hopefully this summer I should get two good, healthy hostas. R and I dumped the remainder of the worm castings in with the sickly hosta, so I'm very optimistic re: the health of my garden. I also saw more than a couple earthworms (not eiseina fetida, probably nightcrawlers or something), so evidently all my work to improve the soil is starting to pay off. Yay! Once my hostas come out, I'm going to surround one of them with impatiens. I haven't decided what I'll plant next to the other one. I'll probably wait until May and then go trolling over at the nursery to see what looks good. R and I also went around the front and side of the house, planning out where to put some potted flowers and covering the side of the house with impatiens. I think I might try to set up a container right next to the door with a fuschia. My fuschia last year died a quick death, so I'm eager to try my hand again in a different location. I'm also still dying to get some lavendar someplace around the house.


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